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Letter from Aswamedha to Zuckerberg

Hi Mark How do you feel,
Yeah I believe you’re felling all right all days and all night as you, the success young man in the world now..

Hey Mark, did you know that your “brain product” have a great impact for the world ?
and such the silly things when you said, “I never wanted to run a company” it’s bullshit Mark, you’ve been already run this big company.
Before I continuing this, pardon me for my English text but I don’t care to any body else including you(yeah who cares to anybody else whom not supporting me ) as you don’t care about anyone who restricted you when you launched your first version of facebook in your campus.

I’m a proud of you Mark, you are the one of young billionaires in the world according to Forbes Magazine survey’s in 2008 years. You have a net profit around 1.5 Billion bucks oh hell ya, you pretty awesome. Now I’m still use your app with wandering mind and asking why, the pieces of shit like this can be make you the king of the web empire. How did you do that and Why did you that for….

Hey Mark maybe I should believe that you were takes your time productively to do the job which you love it. I should believe that you were thinking hard to program some app when you were in high school and that was nothing, but you enjoy of its. I should believe that you’re focus on your purposes and ignore anyone else (Harvard Authority) whom not supporting you when you want to make something for your idealism..

However Mark, you are 24 years old it’s the same ages like me. But we’re different I’m Indonesian you’re American, I was graduate from ITB and you were Drop Out from Harvard University, I have 1.5 million IDR you have 1.5 Billion USD, I was create the simple fuzzy logic control you was create the great crazy logic of social networking app ( Facebook ), I have a simple business you have a god damn big business, I’m running 4 CEO and you are the facebook CEO, I live in the “primitive country” you live in the “modern country”. But I do believe Mark genetically we are the same in term of “brain capacity”. Maybe the other of the similar thing is, we were make anything in our “dorm room”,then i was call it “gudang”.

To me you’re the one of the inspiring people in my life but I don’t want to be like you then I’ll be my self with my own way. The young man should have a great spirit to make their dream come true and to walk them talk. The young man should have a brave heart to ignore and to control the obstacle factors. Maybe the variance factors between us is quite differgence , but that is my job to make it’s zero, pals. Then surely I believe Mark,that someday someone will write the “same letter” like this to me or maybe the someone is YOU MARK.

Best Regard,

Aswamedha Agung


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